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Fiona has spoken to audiences across the globe, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 company leaders and has inspired thousands of people throughout her career.

An influential speaker and powerful motivator, Fiona is in demand for the clarity of her insights and powerful examination of subjects that inspire and challenge.

Fiona honed her public speaking techniques presenting complex ideas and messages challenging audiences. She still relishes irascible encounters, more so when she shares her passion for the subjects which she holds closest to her heart – personal development, business turnaround and improved performance.

Call them inspirational, call them motivational, Fiona’s speeches compel her audiences to see things from a different perspective, challenge them to ask difficult questions of themselves and motivate them to achieve change.

Her natural and unaffected style resonates with listeners, and her messages, of transition and improvement, never fail to win approval from all concerned. 

Fiona is available for keynote and motivational speaking, conference hosting, panel chairing and participation as well as broadcasting as an expert contributor on live TV, Radio and Media.

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Keynote Speaker review:

Gwyn March – CPD Consultant and Honorary Fellow of the IPA (trade body for the advertising industry)

Fiona was very highly recommended by a major advertising network and now having seen her in action – I can see why!

Keynote Speaker review:

Rachel Forde, UK CEO of UN.

Listening to Fiona talk is always an inspiration; I always feel invigorated and I always take something away.

Salford Uni.jpg

“We booked Fiona to speak at our recent Women’s Leadership Conference which I chaired.  She gave us a really insightful and straightforward glimpse into what it takes to build a successful business as a female entrepreneur.  Fiona is inspiring and accessible, and gave our delegates great tips and tools on how to be a successful leader.  I enjoyed working with her and I recommend her to any conference chair or event organiser looking for a super speaker.”

Professor Abigail Gregory, Associate Dean Internationalisation & Director Athena SWAN, University of Salford

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“I host the monthly Manchester Property Group (MPG).  Fiona was a guest speaker at a recent event and she was outstanding and very well received by all.  Fiona is authentic, engaging and able to share real insights into helping leaders achieve great things.  I highly recommend Fiona, book her for your next event.”

Jason Roper, Host of Manchester Property Group.


Broadcasting and Expert Commentary


Fiona McKay - Radio City Talk 

Fiona speaking on Radio City Talk, about the Gender Pay Gap reporting in the UK and her research for the #FeedbackFirst campaign.

20 questions for High Flying Woman - Fiona McKay

Fiona answers questions and shares her insights on being a role model and female leader for High Flying Women. 



Audio & Podcasts

Do female leaders get treated differently than men in politics?

We Don’t Understand the Technology

A discussion of the recent disruption caused by Drones at Gatwick Airport and the implications of this for legislature, infrastructure and politics. Do we have enough expertise to cope with the potential dangers of modern technology?

Why are women still forced to forfeit pay for childcare and flexible working?

A review of The Guardian report of the Gender Pay Gap in the Civil Service, which reveals that in 3 key departments it has widened significantly. We need to hold companies to account. Women need to use their voice and start trading harder in the workplace. Should women strike for equal pay?

In Celebration of Working Women

Sylvia Pankhurst's Four watercolours of working women are now in the Tate Gallery thanks to the billionaire, Denise Coates, whose support for Women in the Arts in praised as an empowering way of honouring the legacy of the Pankhurst family. Women ought to be committed to using their voice for the greater good. Do successful women have a responsibility to lift others up?

One Voice Can Make a Difference

In this final clip, we discuss the DJ Ian Lee, who in a recent talk show received a call from a listener who was in the midst of an overdose. The listener’s life was saved by this phone call. This illustration of the positive role that the media can play in highlighting the mental health crisis also raises an important question: How much do we know about what to do in times of crisis?

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Fiona is honestly one of the best speakers I have ever seen - I have never seen a large audience connect with a speaker like that before. She was so earnest, authentic and passionate. I was truly captivated and could have listened to her talk all night. The way she encouraged and enabled the attendees to interact with her and each other was inspiring and the reason why I set up High Flying Women in the first place. I look forward to working with Fiona again in the future

Bethan Jepson

High Flying Women



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