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Today’s leaders face the greatest challenge ever faced by those before them. The world of work has grown ever more complex over the past decade, with huge advancements in technology, increased mobility and a new generation of workers. This has meant that today’s leader must be agile and able to adapt in a manner that doing business in the 21st Century requires.

Using her real-world business experience, Fiona has helped prominent business leaders across the globe to harness and build upon their capabilities in order to empower their people and achieve organisational success.

Fiona works with both individuals on a discreet one-to-one basis and boards of directors within businesses to really drive change, promote innovation and always ensure growth and success.    

Fiona works with leaders across a range of industries including:

  • Private Equity

  • Investment Funds

  • Family Offices

  • Banking & Finance

  • Media

  • Leisure & Hospitality

  • Recruitment

  • Property

  • Professional Services

During my time working with Fiona, I found her to be a highly experienced leader who captivates you through her knowledge of different sectors and ability to match requirements to a specific business. Fiona always has the company’s best interest at heart.

Jamie Alaise

CEO Manchester Outsourcing



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