In her capacity as a global, high-level leadership influencer & strategist, Fiona has been conducting significant primary and secondary research from a variety of notable industries and sector specialisms. Her passion for learning and advancement of leadership styles, personal development, empowerment and legacy are all linked to a common goal; that of achieving outstanding business performance.

Fiona is passionate about people and parity in organisations. Her research has shown that for businesses to succeed they need to make radical changes to their leadership talent pool and pipelines that goes beyond technical trajectory and functional excellence. She continues to make strides in this complex area and provides vital vision, insights and strategic solutions to support to global businesses in fast-paced and changing environments.



Fiona’s most recent research has culminated in some striking findings on the different types of feedback women are receiving as opposed to men and furthermore, how this is holding women back at work. As a result, she has launched the #FeedbackFirst campaign. 

For a closer look at her results, find out more and download the ebook.


I found working with Fiona to be an extremely valuable experience. Her guidance, methods, and the fact that she was able to provide me with impartial advice and support helped me to overcome the challenges I was facing and deliver a tangible difference to the business I work in.

Sam Ashton

Group Business Leader, PSI International



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