Business Advisor

Not simply a business coach, Fiona’s track record of commercial and entrepreneurial success allows her to offer an extra dimension to leadership consultancy which cuts to the heart of enabling others to succeed. 

Having worked with blue-chip clients and leading families in both the public and private sectors, including business pioneers and high-net-worth individuals, Fiona’s skills as an advisor and influencer have delivered business turnaround and significant change within organisations, as well as personal enrichment and enhanced success for individuals.

Specialising in personal and professional leadership development, executive coaching, and board and C-suite facilitation, Fiona uses her expertise and the techniques she has developed over many years to offer guidance and counsel to business leaders in order to create change, provide challenge, enhance thought techniques and improve outcomes.

A trusted visionary who implicitly understands the complex needs of her clients, Fiona designs and provides world-class leadership guidance, together with personal and business re-enablement, which effects measurable results and lasting outcomes.

Fiona’s goal is to develop leaders so that they execute complex change, engage more effectively with stakeholders, and enhance their own performance as well as increase market share profitability and execute global performance for their organisations.

I’ve achieved real measurable outcomes with hard evidence, both professionally and personally that has had an amazing impact on my life. This has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I thoroughly recommend Fiona to any business leader; she’s a real game changer.

Chris Cowell

Regional Head, B&Q



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