Passionate about equality, equity and fairness in business as well as in the wider world, Fiona’s reputation as a key influencer has enabled her to effect change within a variety of important industries and specialisms. 

Fiona has influenced businesses all over the world, opening thought processes and steering companies in new and innovative directions with her insights, clarity and precision. Her opinions on the representation of women in business, improving and diversity whilst harnessing how technology can be used to enhance learning, and how important effective leadership is to inspire and alter perspectives. 

Fiona’s insights offer pragmatic, diplomatic thoughts on how business leaders can improve performance through the realisation of strategies which enhance and enrich not just the trajectory of an organisation but the lives of the people who work within it.

Working with our leaders and key members of the ‘C’ suite, Fiona’s insight and influence was a critical component in helping them to overcome challenges and create solutions that really work. I highly recommend her to industry leaders in the Financial Services sector.

Kate Sparks

Head of HR, SBG



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