Welcome to Fiona-McKay.com

I’m pleased to officially launch Fiona-McKay.com, a new offering that’s tailored to prominent business leaders and high net worth individuals and families across the world.

Being at the helm of Lightbulb Leadership Solutions for almost a decade, I've seen an increased demand for my strategic consultancy, coaching and entrepreneurial expertise for leaders and high net worth individuals on a peer-to-peer level. As a result, I launched Fiona-McKay.com to enable these individuals to connect with me directly on areas of personal and business growth and development.

Providing bespoke leadership coaching, mentoring and strategic consultancy on areas including business performance, improvements and turnaround, I will work with leaders all over the world from a wide range of industries including media, leisure & hospitality, retail, pharma, professional services and recruitment.

Coupled with this, I’m extremely excited that Fiona-McKay.com will provide a formal platform for organisations to engage my services as a keynote and motivational speaker. In recent years, I’ve undertaken a number of key speaking opportunities at conferences and events all over the world and I’m thrilled that Fiona-McKay.com will formally showcase this and open the door for more opportunities in the future. 

The ever-changing business landscape, be that as a result of political movement, economic uncertainty or digital disruption, means that leaders face increased pressure to remain agile and one step ahead of the market at all times. My experience and expertise, coupled with my strong network of contacts across the world, means I can provide leaders with the skills they need to succeed in the world of business.

Take a tour around Fiona-McKay.com and, as always, I’d welcome any thoughts and feedback

Fiona McKay

Fiona McKay