How do you take control and accelerate through the remainder of 2017 against the backdrop of market uncertainty?

How do you take control and accelerate through 2017 and beyond, against the backdrop of market uncertainty?

That’s the question I answered recently as the keynote speaker for the HR in Hospitality industry members, and I wanted to share my insights with you.

My answer is: vision velocity or lack of it!

70% of change initiatives fail - why is that? Because the vision, destination and planning are all unclear.

What two things impede vision?

Permission and hierarchy are the lethal blocks to visionary work.  

Top tier leaders must create inclusive cultures that allow contributions from all areas of their organisations, irrespective of title or tenure of staff.  

Leaders must unlock their thinking patterns, remove barriers and give themselves and others the permission to imagine new ways of working, in a landscape of constant change and possibility.

Take some feedback first - however painful!

Setting a vision and inspiring others to follow is a joint contribution which emerges primarily from a culture of feedback, across all levels. Giving and receiving feedback is a muscle that must be exercised; outstanding leaders work tirelessly on feedback from all areas, isolate what they don’t know, identify their areas from improvement, then work hard to fix it, however painful the feedback. 

Flex your muscle

The good news is it you can improve your vision in a number of ways, but it takes a certain type of creative practice.  Take a deeper dive into how I help some of the best leaders in the world craft their vision, solve the toughest business challenges and transform their organisations at Fiona-McKay.Com.


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